Small Claims

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The Small Claims Court is an informal court where individuals can sue for money only, up to $3,000 in Town or Village Courts, and $5,000 in City Courts, without a lawyer.  The Town of Vestal Court can only process claims against a person or business with a Vestal address.  The plaintiff does not need to be a Vestal resident.  


Amount of Your Claim:                Filing Fee:
$       0      -  $1,000                          $10.00
$1,000.01 - $3,000                          $15.00

Filing a Claim

Anyone 18 years or over can sue in Small Claims Court.  If you are younger than 18, your parent or guardian may sue on your behalf.  Generally, corporations, partnerships, associations or assignees cannot sue in Small Claims court.

The party who brings the suit in Small Claims Court is referred to as the "Claimant" or the "Plaintiff".  The party that is being sued is referred to as the "Defendant". 

The application you need to fill out properly and bring to the Town of Vestal Small Claims office at the Vestal Town Hall, along with your fee and signature, is found under Downloadable Forms.


Carrie Aurelio
(607) 748-1514 x322
Cathy Krajnyak
(607) 748-1514 x323