Town Parks


Local Law #4 of the Year 2017 was passed to Prohibit Smoking in all Town Parks

By 1987 Vestal had twenty (20) parks established. Listed in alphabetical order they are:

  • African Road Park, located just south of the Vestal Parkway east on African Road, from which it received its name. The two acres of land which became the park was given to the Town as a gift, by Robert W. Mead, a developer from Endwell, NY in 1968. 

  • Arnold Park, (previously known as Pierce Hill Park), is located on Andrews Road off Pierce Hill Road. This park started as a 27 acre park, the land being purchased from Ira Arnold in 1960.

It was first named for its location on Pierce Hill, and was renamed for Ira ‘Pop’ Arnold in 1964. the vestal Town Board renamed the park to honor the memory of long time resident Ira ‘Pop’ Arnold, who had been killed in an automobile accident in 1963. The recommendation for the name change came from the Vestal Parks commission. At the same time the Town was in the process of adding another fifty-eight acres (about 35 of which was to come from ‘Pops’ estate) and about 15 acres from Mr. and Mrs. Atwater. There are also about ten other small parcels involved. It is hoped that with these acquisitions the park will become a 100 acre recreational area.

There was an all day celebration of dedication on June 20th 1964, when the parks name was changed from Pierce Hill Park to Arnold Park.

Today Arnold Park is the largest park in Vestal, with areas that can accommodate picnics, as well as a variety of sports.

  • Barlow Park, located on the west side of Main Street opposite Hazel Drive. It was named for past Town Clerk William Barlow. 

  • Castle Gardens Park, located on Garden Lane, and named after its location in Castle Gardens. 
  • City Line Park, named for its location on the north side of the Vestal Parkway East at the line between the Town of Vestal and the City of Binghamton. It was sold in 1994 and was developed as a small line mall. 
  • David Avenue Park, located on David Avenue off NYS Route 26S, and named for it’s location. 
  • Ethel Place Park, named for its location, on Ethel Place. The land was purchased by the Town in 1950, from the Vestal Lumber Company. 
  • Four Corners Park, named for its location. The name was changed to Memorial Park. This park developed when the highway configuration changed from a five-corner configuration which at the time was formed by what was then State Route 17, North Main Street, South Main Street and Front Street meeting at the same point. This was considered a dangerous traffic hazard, and so Front Street was changed to meet Main Street at its present location. This change created a four corner intersection, forming a triangular piece of land with no apparent usage, other than to make a park area. In 1970, then Supervisor Joe B. Munk approached the district engineer of the State Highway Department, with a request for permission to let the Town of Vestal develop this ‘island’. The Town would operate and maintain it as a park, giving it its name. 
  • Memorial Park (Four Corners Park) is now used for memorial services, summer band concerts, weddings and a meeting place. 
  • Fuller Hollow Park, named for its location, though it is on Marietta Drive. 
  • Harold Moore Park, located on Old Vestal Road, was named for Harold Moore. 
  • Jones Park, located on State Line Road, was once called State Line Park, but was renamed for long time resident and past Town Supervisor Leland L. Jones. The Town of Vestal purchased 311 acres from Claude McPherson to be developed as a park in 1968. Jones Park Map 
  • Magnolia Drive Park, named for its location. 
  • Middendorf Park, located off Juneberry Road, (Now West Sheedy Road), was named for Frank Middendorf who previously owned the property. 
  • Richards Avenue Park, named for its location. 
  • Ross Corners Park, named for its location in Ross Corners. 
  • Stair Park, named for its developer Arthur L. Stair, is located on Murray Hill Road. First considered in June 1971. 
  • Stratford Drive Park, named for its location. 
  • Twin Orchards Park, located on Myrtle Street, is named for its location in the Twin Orchards area, and probably one of the first parks in the town. 
  • Vestal Center Park, located on Coleman Street. 
  • Vestal Memorial Pool, located on Clayton Avenue, is named for the Towns War Veterans. After nearly a year of dreaming, planning and hard work, the Vestal Memorial Swimming Pool was completed and dedicated on May 29th 1965. 

    Twin Orchards Park and Vestal Center Park are thought to be the first developed recreation areas, due to the efforts of residents of the two hamlets.
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