Department Overview

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The Town of Vestal is located in Broome County, New York.  It is bordered on the east by the City and Town of Binghamton, on the south by the State of Pennsylvania, to the west by Tioga County and on the north, the Susquehanna River.  The major east-west commercial and commuter routes are State Route 17, State Route 434 and Vestal Road.  The major north-south commuter route is State Route 26.  Each thoroughfare carries thousands of vehicles and passengers through the town daily.  The Patrol Division is responsible for all vehicular traffic within the town's fifty-three square miles. 

The Town is primarily a suburban community with shopping areas including large shopping malls and smaller strip malls, restaurants, motels,  and other major businesses located mainly along the Vestal Parkway East corridor. In past years, the Town of Vestal has seen the greatest commercial development, especially in the retail sector, in Broome County.  The rural portions of the town continue to develop with new housing.

The Town is also host to Binghamton University and its thirteen thousand students and two thousand faculty and staff members. The Vestal Central School District, Ross Corners Christian Academy, and the Hillel Academy of Broome Couty provide students in grades K-12 with opportunities for quality education. 

Because of this diversity within the town ranging from rural areas to heavily traveled commercial areas, there is a strong demand for a variety of public safety services.  Our priorities include efforts to increase traffic safety, an active participation in community functions and activities, assisting families and children at risk and developing a close liaison with our schools, both public and private, to ensure the safety of our youth and maintain an excellent quality of life.

We make every effort to provide our employees with the best training because we recognize that by quality training, that is both current and applicable to the functions of the department, will further our objective of making Vestal a safe place to live and visit.  The men and women of the Vestal Police Department use strong, uncompromising enforcement in a fair and consistent manner. 

Since 1991, the Vestal Police Department has been accredited by the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services Office of Public Safety.  This means our policies and procedures are recognized as progressive and that we continue to meet each of the 130 standards which are set forth by the New York State.  These standards encompass all aspects of Law Enforcement in three categories; Administration, Training, and Operations.  In the fall of 2006, the department was reaccredited by the NYS Department of Criminal Justice for a five-year period. 

Our members make a conscious effort to present a positive, professional image at all times.  We recognize that our primary function is to ensure that Vestal residents and visitors to Vestal are provided a safe environment.