Conservation Advisory Commission

Conservation Advisory Commission –There are seven (7) members.  Terms are for two (2) years.  Three (3) terms expire one year and four (4) expire the next.  There are two (2) alternate members with two (2) year staggering terms. 

The Vestal Conservation Advisory Commission (CAC) is charged with providing information and advice to the Vestal Town Board about environmental issues and conservation of natural features in the Town.

Meetings are scheduled by the Chair on an as needed basis and held on the third Thursday of the month at 7:30 PM in the Town Hall  to discuss ongoing CAC initiatives and matters arising.

One member is appointed to act as the liaison to the Broome County Environmental Management Council.

Curt Pueschel 12/31/25
Stephen Appel 12/31/24
Carl Lipo 12/31/24
Adam Flint 12/31/25
Cynthia Westerman 12/31/25
Michelle McStine 12/31/24
Alternate Members:  

*Representative to Broome County Environmental Management Council