The Town is required to enforce laws that are handed down by the Federal and State governments. These rules and regulations are enhanced by local laws passed by the Town Board. We primarily perform inspections and investigations in order to determine compliance with these many laws. Although we encompass a broad spectrum of duties, our department has close interaction with the residents of the town. Our personnel will physically visit your property, whether it’s for a construction inspection or to respond to a concern that a resident may have.

 We encourage everyone to come into our offices and sift through the information available at the front counter. Talk to us about projects, concerns and any laws that we administer. Find out how we fit into your local government collage, why we’re here, why we’re necessary and where we can help.

 Generally, our daily routines involve reviewing and issuing construction permits, performing inspections on building projects, carrying out fire safety inspections on existing buildings and enforcing local laws. Building permits are issued for most all projects. A sheet is provided here at this website listing most of the required permits. We are also responsible for enforcing the zoning chapter of the local law which regulates property uses. Included are standards for setbacks to property lines, building heights and lot sizes. Other laws apply to litter, timber harvesting, signs and junk vehicles.

 Our department is distinctive in its activities. Our functions impact the daily lives of people. Since we have this unique position, it energizes us to perform to the best of our abilities. Our ultimate goal is to maintain safe environments for people to live, work and play in while in the Town of Vestal. The Codes that we enforce help us attain this goal.