Business Office & Comptroller

The Comptroller's Office (also known as the Business Office) performs the Town of Vestal's accounting, auditing and employee benefits functions.  It is staffed by a full-time comptroller and a support staff of three fulltime and one part-time employees.  The Comptroller's Office also performs the above functions for the Vestal Fire District which is considered a component unit of the town since its governing board, the Board of Fire Commissions, is the Town Board.

The following duties are performed by the Comptroller's Office:

  • Maintenance of detailed accounting records
  • Preparation and filing of the annual financial report
  • Budget preparation in conjunction with the Town Board and budget monitoring
  • Payroll processing and employee benefits management
  • Investing and borrowing functions
  • Audit, approval, and payment of Town bills
  • Assisting the Town Board in the development of policies regarding investments, borrowing, personnel, etc.
  • Responsible for the audit of the books and records of Town departments