Capital Projects

Check out the new buildings and features that are coming to the Town of Vestal:
  1. Vestal Memorial Pool
  2. Fire Station #4
  3. Rail Trail Section 3
  4. Vestal Rd. Watermain Interconnection
Coming Soon:
  1. Owego Road Bridge Replacement - 2026
  2. Vestal Museum Relocation - No Date

Vestal Memorial Pool
The Vestal Memorial Pool is on track to become a new and exciting experience for residents, complete with a splash park full of great interactive features. A smaller pool at 80 feet long by 40 feet wide makes room for the splash park, shaded seating, and a new pool house. Stairs, ladders, and a ramp into the shallower pool also allow everyone to easily and safely access the new water.

Splash Pad Feature Schedule
Reference Name Product Number Quantity
A  Pico No. 1  VOR 7127 1
B  Spray Loop  VOR 0519 2
C  Spraylink Arch  VOR 3002 3
D  Spraylink Jet No. 1  VOR 3000 4
E  Sunspray No. 1  VOR 7578 1
F  Spraylink Geyser  VOR 3005 1
G  Spraylink Bloom  VOR 3006 2
H  Bear Cannon  VOR 7602 1
I  Supersplash No. 2  VOR 0130 2
All splashpad features listed above can be found and explored in detail at Vortex's website by typing in the product number.
Vestal Pool Colored
Vestal Poolhouse Design Drawings1024_5

Fire Station #4
With construction finished, Station 4 has been relocated from the Vestal Parkway to Jensen Road. Now standing on the former lot of the town's American Legion, the new site sports a stormwater pond, five bay garage, and connected building to accommodate Vestal's volunteer firefighters.
Station 4 Elevations
Station 4 Building Plans
Station 4 Day Room Design
Rail Trail Section 3
Currently in the design phase and estimated for construction in 2024, the Rail Trail will be getting an addition that stretches behind the Town Square Mall. Following the original Vestal rail bed, the new path will start at African Road, connect to Harold Moore Park, and end by being integrated into the sidewalk along Sycamore Road.

Public Meeting Supplements:
Listed below are documents referenced in the press release for the public meeting (Wednesday, October 11, 2023). These documents outline the construction, timeline, and site of this new section.

RT3 African Road Perspectives
RT3 Harold Moore Park Perspectives
RT3 Sycamore Street Perspectives

Vestal Rd. Watermain Interconnection
This new waterline planned for 2025 supplies residents and facilities on the eastern end of Vestal Road and beyond with a second source of water. The redundancy ensures that water is still accessible to all in the event of a future issue with the main line.
Vestal Rd Watermain Concept