Stormwater Management

What is Stormwater?

Stormwater consists of rainwater or snowmelt that does not percolate through soil and flows directly into a storm sewer system. These storm sewer systems ultimately expel into waterways, water bodies, or conveyance ditches within the Town of Vestal and can sometimes be identified by manhole lids or marked catch basins. Since stormwater is transported into clean bodies of water it is important to eliminate pollutants and also maintain the network so that our community is environmentally friendly and at minimal risk of flooding.
TOV Storm Water Management Plan (2017)

The Town of Vestal is also part of the Broome Tioga Stormwater Coalition (BTSC), which aims to bring surrounding municipalities together in order to share resources and information to help manage respective storm sewer systems to federal and state requirements.

Stormwater Assets Map
The Coalition has been working on obtaining new mapping software and equipment to aid in the documentation of stormwater systems. This program can improve on the access of information between departments of outfalls, manholes, and numerous other systems and structures within the Town of Vestal.
BTSC Asset Mapping Proposal

NYSDEC SPDES General Permit for Stormwater Discharges
New guidelines for the observation and documentation of stormwater assets within the town have been approved by the NYSDEC. All stormwater conveyance systems and structures within the town must be included in an approved mapping system. These assets include:
  • Outfalls (inspected in both wet and dry conditions)
  • Storm-sewershed boundaries
  • Interconnections (between catch basins, ditches, any stormwater structures
  • All conveyance systems (type, direction of flow, description, etc.)
  • Culverts
  • Stormwater structures
  • Surface waters
  • Roads
  • Land usage information
  • Topography
Our office will be hard at work locating and inspecting all assets required to be included in the mapping system. With help from the BTSC we will also be able to create a comprehensive map of structures and systems within the town using new software.

A Storm Water Pollution and Prevention Plan (SWPPP) is required in construction that disturbs more than one acre of property. This plan lays out site plans where preventative measures are placed in order to keep storm sewer systems, waterbodies, and surrounding areas uncontaminated or undisturbed. Any project within Vestal that has an active SWPPP is required by such to submit weekly inspections during construction to our office for review. These inspections are conducted by a certified professional either from the engineering firm that designed the project, or from the Town of Vestal Engineering department. 

There are currently 5 active SWPPP's in the Town of Vestal:

Number Name Tax Map ID Status As of Date
#50  Vestal Chateau  206.01-1-32 Active  6/17/2022
#51  River's Edge  159.15-1-32 Active  10/5/2022
#54  Vestal Memorial Pool  157.18-2-16 Active  5/12/2023
#55  Foster Road Dump Site  174.04-1-11 Active  8/21/2023
#56  The Retreat at Bunn Hill  174.12-1-4
Active  3/29/2024

FOG Permits
Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG) permits are required by establishments that prepare food, in order to protect public health and maintain the Town of Vestal's sanitary sewer system. Each applicant specifies the interceptor(s) used in the facility and a discharge hauler.
TOV FOG Program (2015)