Street Lights

Vestal's Street Lights
Our department is responsible for the repair and maintenance of over 300 street lights within the Town of Vestal. These lights are located in certain neighborhoods and a few are situated on State Routes 26, 17, and 201. They are most easily recognized as a curved metal pole with a head at the top. Although others, like pedestal poles, are shorter and decorative in some areas. If you have an issue with a street light, you can report an outage with our online form below.

Certain metal pole street lights in town are not eligible for repair and maintenance from our department. Instead, they fall under the responsibility of either NYSEG or the Town of Binghamton. The areas that include such street lights are:

Road Section Who to Contact
 Burd Drive  NYSEG
 Campus Drive (South)  Town of Binghamton
 Cornell Avenue  NYSEG
 Drexel Drive (East)  Town of Binghamton
 Emerson Place (East)  Town of Binghamton
 Sarasota Avenue  NYSEG
 Stonehedge Drive (North)  NYSEG

Binghamton's Street Lights
The Town of Binghamton can be contacted in response to a streetlight issue at (607) 722-0357.

NYSEG's Street Lights
Street lights that are maintained by NYSEG are attached mainly to wooden telephone poles and are much more common throughout Vestal. Any issue with such a light can be reported through NYSEG's website.

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