Fire District


The Vestal Fire District is a political subdivision of the State of New York and encompasses all of the land within the boundaries of the Town of Vestal, approximately 53 square miles.  The Fire District is operating under the direction of the Board of Fire Commissioners, which also makes up the Vestal Town Board. 

Our organization is actually made up of three separate, yet related organizations; the fire district, fire department, and the fire companies.

The Commissioners are charged with providing the necessary apparatus, buildings and equipment needed to assist the Fire Department in the protection of life and property within the District. They are empowered to levy taxes in order to supply the funds required to protect the District. While the Fire District’s budget is not voted on by the voters in the District, the Commissioners are mandated by State laws to follow a strict formula in preparing the budget. This process includes a spending limitation.

The Commissioners hold district meetings that are open to the public on the forth Wednesday of each month at 5 pm in the Vestal Town Hall Boardroom. 

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Additional Contacts

Susan Bowen
Fire District Secretary
607-748-1514 ext 383

Paige Willes
Director of Purchasing
607-748-1514 ext 386