Rail Trail

Welcome to the Vestal Rail Trail!

Map of Rail Trail

The Rail Trail hosts a multitude of user groups engaged in a wide range of activites.

The following are helpful tips to keep your visit safe and enjoyable:

Walkers and Runners

  • Keep to the Right
  • Pass to the Left
  • Keep children close and to the right
  • Do not block the full width of the trail
  • Dogs on four foot leash
  • Clean up after your pet
  • Ear phones may impair hearing which may be unsafe

Wheel Traffic

  • Keep speed below 10 MPH Speed Limit
  • Ride to the right
  • Pass on the left
  • Audible signals are helpful: Ring a bell or, Verbalize (Pass)
  • Single file
  • No pets with bikes, or scooters or rollerblades
  • Keep speed at a Safe Pace!  Children are Unpredictable!

SMILE  - Say Hi - We are all neighbors!