Mission Statement

The employees of the Vestal Police Department serve all people within the Town of Vestal.  This is accomplished through the enforcement of local, state and federal law.  The Vestal Police Department is committed to providing the best police service available while consistently maintaining exemplary professional standards in law enforcement.

The primary goal of the Vestal Police Department is to preserve the rights of all citizens without prejudice or bias against race, religion, ethnic and national origin or sexual orientation so that they may live in peace and harmony.  This is achieved through the protection of life and property; through the resolution of conflict and emergency situations; through the creation and maintenance of a feeling of security within the community; through a reduction of crime by minimizing opportunity through various crime prevention strategies as well as through the diligent apprehension and subsequent prosecution of offenders.

It is the duty of each member of the Vestal Police department to strive on a daily basis to succeed in accomplishing these goals and objectives.  All members of the Vestal Police Department are expected to carry out these responsibilities in a diligent and professional manner.  Vestal Police Officers must seek out and preserve public confidence by maintaining high ethical standards, demonstrating impartial service to the law, and by offering service and trust to all members of the public.

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