2024 Swim Lesson Schedule

Registration for Swim Lessons begins April 15th for Residents and April 29th for Non-Residents.

Session One - July 1 – July 12
Session Two - July 15 – July 26
Session Three - July 29 – August 9

$50.00 Residents - Per participant per session
$60.00 Non-residents - Per participant per session

Swim Lessons are back for 2024! All lessons are at the Vestal High School Indoor Pool on Woodlawn Dr.  All levels will be taught using the Red Cross swim lessons curriculum. Classes are conducted Monday - Friday in two-week sessions. Classes canceled due to special events or pool maintenance issues are NOT made up and there is no refund. The pool closes for lightning. Safety topics and deck instruction will be taught at that time.

When registering your child for swim lessons, choose the level that best corresponds with their age and/or swimming ability. Consider your child’s maturity, water comfort and prior swimming experience. When unsure of the correct level, choose the lower level. The child’s confidence will flourish if he/she is at the top of the class rather than at the bottom. A child may repeat any swim level several times before passing.

Red Cross Swimming Levels      
Please use age group as a guideline only. Students may be placed in the level that best corresponds with their swimming ability. 

6 Months to 3 Years — Parent/Child Parent must get into the water.
Promotes water enrichment for young children with the comfort of a parent present in the water. Parents and kids will experience water readiness together through activities and songs.

3 Years to 5 Years — Preschool Levels 1 - 3
Geared for the kids who are able to get into the water without a parent present. Kids will learn to become comfortable in the water by themselves and will learn basic swimming skills through fun activities.

6 Years and older — Learn to Swim Levels 1 - 3 (Beginner)
Kids will be assessed on their abilities and placed accordingly in a class on the first day. Level 1 is recommended for kids who are comfortable in water but cannot keep themselves afloat without assistance. Level 3 is recommended for kids who can swim short distances without floatation or are ready to try.

8 Years and older — Learn to Swim Level 4 (Intermediate)
Kids at this level should have a basic knowledge of all strokes and be comfortable swimming laps the width of the deep end. Kids will refine their strokes and build endurance in the water.

9 Years and Older — Learn to Swim Levels 5 - 6 (Advanced)
Kids at this level should be accustomed to swimming longer distances in the deep end and be able to perform all strokes. Kids will continue to refine and perfect strokes, build endurance, swim with power and efficiency, and prepare for competition.

Registration Options: 
1. Register online with a credit card. Go to to login to your account or create a new account with your household information.
2. Complete the registration form from the menu on the left and mail or drop off with fee to 516 Front Street, Vestal. You will be called if the class is full and you need to select an alternate choice.

First Day of Classes: Children are evaluated by instructors and placed into groups according to ability. Adjustments may be made as instructors evaluate the children.

Last Day of Classes: Red Cross achievement cards will be issued. Participants may register for additional lessons at the Recreation Office if there are openings.

Location:  Vestal High School Pool, Woodlawn Dr.
 **Enter the Vestal High School through the main front doors and follow the labeled cones to the pool. 

Click Swim Lesson Schedule below for the full summer class schedule:

2024 Swim Lesson Schedule

 For immediate program confirmation register online at 

Registration for Swim Lessons begins April 15th for Residents and April 29th for Non-Residents.

2024 Outdoor Pool Passes
Individual Pass:
$30.00 Residents - Code PPIN
$40.00 Non-Residents - Code PPIN

Family Pass:
$70.00 Residents - Code PPFA
$80.00 Residents - Code PPFA

To register for a pool pass, go to and login or create an account. If purchasing a family pass, please be sure to list all family members on the account as each member will get a pool pass. 

A photo is required for all passes. Please email photos of each family member with names to Your passes will be mailed to you.

Family Swim at the Vestal High School
2025 Dates TBD
Open Swim: Noon - 3:00 pm
Lap Swim: 3:00 - 4:15 pm
Family Swim is returning this winter at the Vestal High School pool, Woodlawn Dr., Vestal. The cost is $1.00 for children and $2.00 for all adults (including observers), payable to the lifeguard at the pool.  Exact change is appreciated. An adult must accompany kids under 10 years. Registration is not required. Enter through the high school's main entrance and follow discs to the pool.