Tax Receiver


Debra Wallace
Town Clerk / Receiver of Taxes
(607) 754-3369

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The  Town Clerks Office collects Town and County and Vestal Central School Taxes.   The office is also responsible for bank escrow maintenance, collecting current taxes and assisting the Assessor's office. 

You can find current tax information at 

Check payable to:      Vestal Central School for School Taxes
                                                        Debra Wallace, Receiver for Town and County Taxes

 Mailing address:       Debra Wallace Receiver
                                        605 Vestal Parkway West
                                        Vestal, NY 13850

In person payment:     Town of Vestal Clerks Office
                                             605 Vestal Parkway West  Vestal NY 13850
                                                 (Town Hall)

Collection Hours*:                                                   
January 1st- January 31, 2023
Feb.1st- Feb. 28, 2023 (1st Penalty Period)
March 1st- March 31st (2nd Penalty Period)

Monday - Friday
8:00 am to 4:30pm      
       *Closed all holidays 
                                       Tax Help-Line:           (607) 754-3369


*   For tax information, go to This website will show the amount of taxes billed and date of payment with an option to print for both School and Town and County. If you pay in person, the Tax Collector will stamp the bill received. If paying by mail, you may obtain a receipt at

*   Do not combine payments for another taxing district. Each district is a separate legal entity for collections, requiring separate checks. 

To avoid having your payment returned:

  • Be sure to sign your check.
  • Only full payments can be accepted.
  • Make sure check is payable to "Debra Wallace, Receiver" for Town and County Taxes. For School Taxes checks are payable to "Vestal Central School"
  • Make sure the numeric amount is clearly written and equal to the written dollar amount.  No rounding up or overpayments will be accepted.
  • Make sure your payment is postmarked by the U.S. Postal Service on or before the due date of the payment. Metered mail is not valid proof of mailing date.
  • Do not staple or tape the check.  They rip and then will need to be returned.

Please be aware that taxes can only be received one of three ways.
1.  In person at 605 Vestal Parkway West  (hours listed above)
2. The US Postal System (US postmarks are the only acceptable marking for dating.  Metered machine marks are not accepted as they can be adjusted) Any questions feel free to contact my office.
3. For Town and County (only) you can pay by credit card online.

 If you have exemption questions/ address changes or questions relating to your assessment please call the Assessor Office at 754-3314.

Current Vestal Tax Rates :
 School Tax Rate: $ 21.11
 Library Tax Rate: $ 0.34

 County Tax Rate   $6.89
 Town General Tax Rate  $2.91

Note: If the property is in a special district other charges may apply.