Town Board

Supervisor W. John Schaffer
Councilwoman Patty Fitzgerald
Councilwoman Sue Messina
Councilman Stephen Donnelly
Councilman John Fletcher

Directory to Broome County, City, Town, and Village Municipal Officials
TOWN OFFICE HOURS: 8 am - 4:30 pm
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Town Board Committees
Public Works Donnelly/Messina – Utility, Highway, Water, Parks, Building Maintenance
Finance Messina/Donnelly - Business Office, Payroll, Budgeting
Personnel Fitzgerald/Fletcher
Planning & Zoning Fitzgerald/Donnelly - Code Enforcement, Planning & Zoning, Engineering
Public Safety Messina/Fletcher - Fire, Police, Emergency Services, Courts
School Liaison Messina
Administration Fletcher/Donnelly – Assessment, Tax Collector, Clerk, IT, Recreation, Historian, Museum

The Board in Session
♦  Pledge of Allegiance
♦  Approval of the Minutes
♦  Bid Openings
♦  Public Hearings    
♦  Privilege of the Floor
♦  Resolutions and Motions
♦  Consent Agenda
♦  Committee Chair Comments and Updates
♦  Petitions & Protests
♦  Old Business
♦  Other New Business  
♦  Supervisor's Announcements     
♦  Adjournment

Other Meetings:

Lay Board Meetings Day of Month Time Meeting Minutes**
Assessment Review Board 4th Tuesday in May 1:00 PM  
Fire Advisory Board 3rd Monday 7:00 PM  
Planning Board 2nd  Tuesday 6:00 PM See Planning Board
Recreation Commission 1st Wednesday 7:00 PM  
Zoning Board of Appeals Thursday as needed 6:00 PM See Zoning Board
Conservation Advisory Commission 3rd Thursday 7:30 PM See CAC 
Historic Preservation Commission 2nd Monday 7:00 PM See Hist. Pres. Comm.

Town Board Meeting Minutes and Agendas are posted on this Website or may be found in the Town Clerk's Office.

 ** Links to meeting minutes are listed below.

(Check Website Calendar for Current Schedule and Updates*)
Unless noted otherwise, the regularly scheduled Town Board Work Sessions and Regular Meetings begin at 5:00 PM.