Permanent Collection On Display

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Stove SM
Stove - This combination wood and gas stove was used about 1890.

Washer SMThis 1900 Cataract Washer was made in Binghamton.

Telephone SMTelephone - used in early years by a resident in Vestal for communication with the Railroad station while he was station master.

Mail SMPost Office Unit - This postal unit came from an early Vestal store that also served as the post office about 1876.

Grinder SMCoffee Grinder - An iron grinder made by the Enterprise Mfg. Co. in Philadelphia, PA., Patent 1873. The grinder was used in a local general store.

Churn SMButter Churn - This large wooden hand-cranked churn was used and donated by a local family.

Points SMNative American Tools - This large collection of projectile points and stone tools, some of which were used by local Native Americans, was donated by Robert Murphy.